Brand New- Unbelievable Traffic.. And Instant Cash Money Maker!

This is a GENUINE money making tool – and puts a ton of Advertising in your hands as an additional incentive

(read advertising = exposure = sales….)

Ok why is this worth a look?

Membership Benefits:

1. Advertising

Instant List – 25,000 per month – 2,500 every 3 days (You can stop reading right there and jump in, in my book)

Guaranteed visitors – 500 per month
Banner ads – 1500 /month on thousands of pages
Text ads – 500 /month on thousands of pages
Traffic Exchange – Details TBA but will include monthly views
Plus Blogs, PPC, Social Media, Classifieds, Games, Free Hosting, Subdomains, SiteBuilder & More

2. Ad Purchase Commissions

40% Commissions On Referrals Ad Purchases
20% COmmissions On Referrals Referrals Ad Purchased

3. $10 Fast Start Bonuses for every referral (that ads up FAST!!)

4. Free entry into a super fast cycling 2×1 matrix paying $15 per cycle

(This means rapid payment back)

Just 2 positions to fill to cycle and these positions can be filled from either or ALL of the following:

- your referrals
- Upline referrals (Spillover) (that is ME… Walt. I am going to get a few in, beleive me…)
- Referrals referrals (Spillunder)
- Monthly renewals

5. Matching Cycle bonuses on all referrals cycles paying you $7.50 and again can be filled from either or ALL of the following:

- Uplines referrals (Spillover)(ditto)
- Referrals referrals
- Downline referrals (Spillunder)
- Monthly renewals

Just one position filling by anyone anywhere can trigger a tidal wave of cycles all the way through the matrix generating multiple $15 and $7.50 payments all over and over again!

With so many ways to fill your 2 spots, cycles are VERY FAST & VERY FURIOUS!

As soon as your 2 are filled you get free re-entry 2×1 ready to take another 2 positions from all same ways above with all placements following you all over again!

This is about as fast as cycling gets and the chain reactions should be out of this world!

Those who know me, know this…
I promote selectively and make sure that the people who join can also earn and get benefits….

This is the real deal.


And Push the button on your referrals to get your OWN beginnings!!!

See You there!!
Do not delay… this is a dynamite mover.

to Your HUGE online Success.

Derek Overington

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